iPhone Vision

iPhoneography by Shan Lu | I capture every moment in life and process them with those amazing iPhone Apps. This blog is to share, and learn from you.

iPhoneography Skill | Shoot how you feel

iPhone, or cellphone photography, is a way to express yourself, never mind the technical stuff, just go, shoot how you feel.

Create a series of self-portraits at least once a month for a year, also join one of the many online groups in Flickr to share your self-portraits. self portrait don’t have to reveal your face to say something about you.

Beyond the simplicity of subject matter selection, consider ways you can use color, composition, perspective, lighting to express how you feel.

Try this, scan through your image library and select couple of your favorite images, study each image and ask yourself these questions:

  • How did the time of day, season, weather impact your mood?
  • What were you doing moments before you made the image?
  • What was in your mind when you press the shutter?
  • What inspired you to make the image?
  • How did you feel about that moment?
  • How does the image make you feel now?
  • If you can reshoot this, what kind of differences would you make?
Try to think about these questions when you shoot, but not too much, always keep in mind : shoot how you feel.

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