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iPhoneographer | Valerie Ardini

Valerie Ardini was born in Italy, she has been living in The Netherlands since she was 2 years old. I currently live and work in Deventer. She started iPhoneography journey since 2009.

She is now working on her second 365 project (1 picture 1 day) using the App Filterstorm to make it consistent, all black and white, same style, this is a good tip for iPhoneographers, instead of having thousands of Apps, fliters, stick on one and do a good photo journal, a 365 day project.

For more of his photography, please see her website. or 365 project.


iPhoneography | cityscape | HDR | Sepia | San Francisco

Financial District, San Francisco

Being raised  in one of the biggest cities in the world, I just love and comfortable being in the city, in the middle of concrete jungle, to feel “I’m alive”, this image captured this mood perfectly. anybody understand this feeling?

Look up when you walk, no matter where, you’d be surprised by the different perspective.

App: Dynamic Light + Bad camera

I used Dynamic Light  to HDR the image, the buildings in the original picture is dark, by brighten it, the image has far more information than before, then use “Bad camera” app to add the sepia tone, just play with it and have fun!